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With the best psychologist in Ernakulam and the top psychiatrist in Kochi for your mental health, we aim to help you de-clutter your mind and re-discover yourself. Are you struggling with mental weakness, stress, depression, loneliness, and anxiety? Worry not! Our Online Counseling in Malayalam, Hindi or English can do you a world of good! Attend our counseling sessions with the best clinical psychologist and and life coaches in Kochi.Be mindfully happy!

At MindCareDoc, top Psychologists and Psychiatrist in Kerala have come together to provide best solutions for all emotional and mental health concerns in Kids, Adolescents, Adults and Old Age.Our methodology is a result of 12+ years of research in the field by Dr. Divya Vijayan, a leading pioneer in the field who’s put forth the methodology that is a powerful combination of
Ayurvedic Psychiatry, Modern Psychology, Yoga, Meditation, Music and Movement Therapy.

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Services We Offer: Psychiatric Counseling and Counseling-Psychology


Our success lies in fulfilling Your Mental Health Requirements! We address Psychological and Psychiatric Conditions in Children, Adolescents, Adults, and Old-Age Individuals! Our expert doctors use Ayurveda Psychiatry, Psychological techniques such as CBT, NLP, Hypnotic Counseling etc to help with your Mental Health Needs!

Adult Psychology & Psychiatry

We offer Pyschology & Psychiatry treatment to help adults over the age of 18 to deal with mental- health issues or disorders with our best psychologists and top psychiatrists in Kochi.

Child Psychology & Psychiatry

We bank on our knowledge of child psychology to deal with the emotional, behavioral and mental-health issues of children and adolescents starting from the age of 4 till 18 years.

Ayurvedic Mental HealthCare

We offer Ayurvedic Psychiatry treatment to treat emotional and mental health issues in adults, developmental & mental disabilities, emotional and behavioral concerns in children and adolescents.

Psychotherapy & Counselling

We use psychiatric and psychological methods to help individuals to improve their mental health and well-being through elevating their character and behavioral traits, thoughts, and emotions.

Effective Ayurvedic Mental Care: Integrative Approaches to Holistic Well-being

Meet the Best Ayurvedic Psychiatrist to understand our practices with Ayurveda Mental Healthcare and the ways it help you revamp your life freeing you from shackles of long lasting medications and side-effects. Our Mental Health Care methodology is a powerful combination of Ayurvedic Psychiatry and Modern Psychology works wonders to refresh you faster and gives you long-lasting results, where you can enjoy a life away from Psychiatric Medications. We integrate the Ayurvedic practices with modern medical science to improve your mental health.
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How it works

How Can We Help You?

We are a team of psychiatrists and psychologists trained to provide the best solutions for all mental and emotional complaints in children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. It’s our goal to create a comfortable and safe environment to help our clients overcome their difficulties.

Sleep Problems & Insomnia

The difficulty to fall asleep, stay asleep, or both. We offer the best psychiatric counseling and counseling-psychology treatment techniques.


A severe disorder that adversely affects the mental health of individuals. Our best psychologist in Kochi can give you the right treatment.

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety stems from the inability to control stress and tension, which ultimately affects mental-health of individuals and relationships. Our online counseling sessions help you to deal with anxiety disorders.

Relationship Problems

The unresolved issues in relationships result in a sharp decline of trust and love between individuals. Our relationship counseling sessions can resolve the problems between individuals in relationships.

Self-Esteem Issues

Individuals lacking self-confidence and unworthy of respect have self- esteem issues. Our best life coach sessions online can help with your self-esteem issues.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Stress

A complex-mix of psychological, emotional and behavioral changes. Our best clinical psychologist in Kochi can help you deal with these issues.

Child Developmental Problems

Some children struggle to achieve the developmental milestones needed for their growth. Our child psychologist in Kochi can help you and your child to come out of these problems.

Professional Problems

Employees experience work-pressure, interpersonal conflicts, and communication problems in their profession. Our best psychologist in Ernakulam can help you deal with these professional problems.

Chronic Stress

Prolonged and constant feeling of stress results in deterioration of mental health. Our online counseling sessions can help you to deal with your chronic stress.

Problems in Children

Children can showcase destructive behavior through behavioral and conduct problems. These can include temper tantrums, defiant or conduct disorder. Our child psychologist in Kochi can help you deal with these problems in children.

Anger Issues

Uncontrolled emotional behavior that showcases anger for unnecessary situations result in anger issues. Our top psychologist in Kochi can help you deal with anger issues.

Teen-Age Problems

The hormonal changes undergone by teenagers result in problems associated with teen-age. Our best adolescent counseling can help deal with these problems.

Mindcaredoc’s approach to psychotherapy for anxiety

At MindCareDoc, we believe in a holistic approach and offers a carefully curated combination of treatments to always keep the mind relaxed. Holding thereputation as the best treatment for anxiety in kerala, our psychotherapy foranxiety includes a combination of evidence-based practices and focus onAyurvedic concept of doshic imbalance in the body created due to long-term orshort-term stress. Our team of experienced Psychologists, Ayurvedic

Psychiatrist and Life Coaches works with patients to identify the root causes oftheir anxiety and recognize the unique constitution and psychological aspects of each individual. Out treatments focus on the importance of practicing a healthy lifestyle, including a wholesome balanced diet, devising treatment plan including regular exercise and yoga and meditation. We use a range of evidence-based techniques, such as cognitive-behavioural therapy(CBT), NLP, Hypnotic Counseling and mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques to promote mental clarity, emotional stability, and inner tranquillity.

Why Choose Us?

Our lead Doctor has an expertise of 10+ years in the field of psychology and psychiatry. We thrive on her experience and expertise to help individuals daily for a better life. The online and physical counseling sessions we have along with the Ayurvedic treatment benefits many people to recalibrate their life by bringing freshness to their minds.Clarity is the key here! We unlock and untangle the knots of issues, which brings in the clarity people seek. The process comes from our expertise of dealing with different individuals in the ways they should be treated
Area of Practice: Psychology and Psychiatry​

We provide treatment and help to all your mental health needs. Our services get catered to awide-range of age groups ranging from children to senior citizens.

Our best psychologists in Kochi and top psychiatrists in Ernakulam provide you the best ways to come out of mental
health problems that you face. We have made a name for ourselves in the field of psychology and psychiatry through which we help you to deal with mental traumas if any,

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not addressed here, please feel free to reach out to us. We value your inquiry.
Psychologists are professionals trained in administering different cognitive and behavioural therapies. They administer various psychological interventions by speaking with the client; including CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), DBT (Dialectal Behavioral Therapy), MET (Motivational Enhancement Therapy), etc. Psychiatrists are medical professionals specializing in psychiatric medication. They evaluate and screen for psychiatric illnesses and addiction related problems and primarily work towards medication management of the client.
The cost of consultation with a psychiatrist is Rs. 1,500. Consultations are for approximately 45 – 60 minutes with our psychiatrists.

A psychologist talks to you through counseling sessions to understand your thinking pattern and the reason behind these thoughts with your behavior.

Through various techniques such as CBT, NLP, Hypnotic Therapy ourpsychologists and coaches help to work on the mindset and thought patterns of the clients for positive results.

For a wide variety of conditions that deals with your mental health and well-being. Our experts help individuals deal with stress, anxiety, work related problems, family or relationship problems, panic attacks, depression, phobias,pregnancy and postpartum related emotional concerns etc.

A clinical psychologist provides mental and behavioral health care to individuals,couples, and families from minor adjustment issues to serious mental health problems. Clinical Psychologists will be assessing clients on various scales to understand the level of Stress, Anxiety, Depression etc a person is going through.

Our Certified Clinical Psychologists use approved scales to execute various assessment on Children and Adults for Learning Disability, Autism, ADHD,Personality Problems, Depression, Anxiety, Stress etc.

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