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We are a specialized and full-fledged mind care facility addressing various psychiatric and psychological conditions in children, adolescent, adults, and old-age. Our expert doctors specialized in the field of Ayurveda psychiatry and psychotherapy has an excellent track record of handling and carefully improving various complicated cases. 

Sleep Problems & Insomnia

An individual who finds it hard to fall asleep or to stay asleep, or either of them. It is very common to feel not fully rested when having a sleep disorder.


Most common and severe medical illnesses that have a negative impact on every individual, which includes but not limited to how they feel, think, and act.

Anxiety Disorder

A mental health disorder that severely interferes an individual’s daily activities due to their inability to control stress, worry and restlessness that are mostly out of proportion.

Relationship Problems

A close connection between a couple formed by emotional bonds and interactions are affected severely because of unresolved issues, lack of time, intimacy, trust and jealousy.

Self-Esteem Issues

An individual who feels lacking in confidence, invaluable, and unworthy of respect may experience self-esteem issues that often lead to imposter syndrome, rebellion, or victimhood.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Stress

A complex mix of physical, emotional, and behavioural changes that few women experience after giving birth affects their ability to take care of the baby and other daily tasks.

Child Developmental Problems

When a child reaches a specific age and doesn’t meet the developmental milestones, and the problem is still ongoing, then the child is recognized to have developmental problems.

Professional Problems

Situations where an employee experiences interpersonal conflicts, communication problems, bullying, harassment, no job satisfaction, performance issues, & poor job fit.

Chronic Stress

Constant and prolonged feeling of stress that affects your health if remained untreated. It may be caused due to daily pressure from work, family or by an upsetting situation.

Problems in Children

Behavioural or conduct problems in children are diagnosed when disruptive behaviours are severe. It includes temper tantrums, oppositional, defiant or conduct disorder.

Anger Issues

An uncontrolled emotional behaviour that varies in intensity from mild irritation to intense fury and rage caused due to internal and external factors.

Teen-Age Problems

Teenagers go through hormonal changes, puberty, social and parental forces, and educational pressures. They are often misunderstood and expected to cope with it.

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