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With a stressful job, it can be overwhelming to keep the balance of your work life. Sometimes our careers can be a little too demanding, making it impossible to relax and recharge. It can seriously affect our mental health and productivity.

Having a healthy mental state will always help you to shine in every aspect of life. So if you are in search of counseling for manage stress in the Workplace.MindCareDoc is your No. 1 choice in Kerala Connect with us to know more.

Types of Workplace Stress & Burnout

There are various types of issues seen at the workplace, such as:

These are seen commonly in corporate employees. There comes the question, how to find the balance in your life when you’re working a stressful job? Seek the help of a professional who can help you with therapy for workplace stress and burn out.

Why Do You Need Therapy for Work Related Problems?

Workplace mental and emotional health problems are no joke. Your organization can benefit from you only if you’re healthy enough to meet the needs of your role. Having healthy employees is an asset to the company as any other assets owned by them. 

When your mental health is deteriorating, it can affect physical health. Therefore you have to give proper attention and aftercare. With help of counseling and therapy for workplace stress and burnout, you can find it at the initial stage. 

At MindCareDoc, we provide help for those suffering from the side effects of poor work life balance. We have different types of therapies and workplace burnout counseling services which can help you to improve your mental health and productivity.

Proper Therapy Solutions from Professionals

Professional help is the remedy for your workplace stress and burnout. At MindCareDoc, we help you overcome mental health issues caused by a stressful work environment. We incorporate various techniques such as CBT, NLP and Hypnotherapy to overcome work stress and improve performance. We find the root cause of your problem and help you find solutions to it. 

We educate clients about the importance of work-life balance and teach them methods to find the balance for a healthy work and personal life. Most clients can easily overcome stress and burnout caused by career with our right guidance. 

We provide special mindfulness workshops for corporations which helps them to increase the productivity of their employees and their mental health. Our counseling also help clients to stay clear of workplace conflicts and maintain a good relationship with team members.

Types of Anxiety and Depression at Workplace

Anxiety and depression can really affect your work life and personal life. There may be different reasons why one develops these mental health problems. But having poor work life balance and high stress levels can really make you vulnerable to mental health problems. 

Take a look into the different types of anxiety and depression which affect your performance at work:

Anxiety: Anxiety is the extreme level of fear about everyday situations in our life. It can be overwhelming at times and make you feel you’re on an edge. This will disturb your attention and focus. Don’t worry, performance anxiety treatment is available at MindCareDoc.


PhobiasPhobias are connected to objects or situations. When encountered with an object or situation which is connected to the phobia, it can cause fear and anxiety and discomfort. Work related phobias include Ergophobia, Cyberphobia and social phobia. Our professionals are experts in treating social phobia at the workplace. We have helped 100s of clients overcome social phobia at the workplace as well as at various realms of personal life.


Panic disorder: Panic disorder can feel like cardiac arrest. If you have panic disorder it can negatively impact your work life. Chest pain, raised heart beat, blurry vision, heavy sweating are a few symptoms of panic attack.


Depression: Depression and sadness are two different things. There will be a reason why a person gets sad. But depression can make you feel extreme sadness without any reason. It can drain you mentally and make you feel exhausted all the time. Reach out to us immediately if you feel depressed at the office.

Relationship & Stress In The Workplace

Stress from work can negatively impact the relationship you have with others and yourself. Spending quality time with your family strengthens the bond of the family members. Sometimes the job can consume your time which is meant to be spent with your family or friends.

If it happens frequently, the connection and strong bond between everyone will weaken. The stress can make you unavailable to those who need you and can make you easily irritated. An emotionally unavailable and easily irritated partner is not someone your spouse needs. Healthy emotional connection is required to nurture your relationships. 

Parents who are under too much stress from work can be too rude at home resulting in sending the wrong message to a child who mayn’t understand your side of the story. Feeling regret after an action or emotional outburst at a child is not a solution. Being there for your kids and spending quality time with them at home. Listening to their day’s experiences etc will go a long way in developing kids as responsible and confident individuals.

Counseling for Professional Problems

Too stressed or exhausted at home after a day’s work?? It is an indicator for you to start focusing on your Emotional and Mental Health.

Are you in a position where you feel like it is impossible to balance your work life? If it is affecting your relationships with family, friends and colleagues,  It is better to approach a therapist who provides counseling sessions and therapies for work life balance. 

Solutions to all of these problems can be attained through our techniques integrating CBT, NLP, hypnotherapy and other mindfulness techniques. Sometimes a few sessions of family therapy or group therapy might be helpful. Counseling and group sessions can also help with the relationship issues at the workplace.

Ayurvedic Psychiatry for manage stress in the Workplace in Kerala

MindCareDoc’s approach to therapy for work stress and anxiety in Kerala is a bit different from others who offer counseling and therapy for the same cause. At MindCareDoc, we curate fantastic transformations for person going through workplace stress and burnout through a powerful combination of Modern Psychology techniques such as CBT, NLP, hypnotherapy with  the ancient science of Ayurvedic Psychiatry and various mindfulness techniques such as Yoga, Meditation, Music therapy, art therapy, movement therapy etc.

Online Therapy for Workplace Emotional Problems

Online counseling sessions are proven to be more convenient to working personnels. With the tight schedule of work, it can be difficult to find time to attend counseling sessions and therapy. If you choose online therapy and counseling provided by MindCareDoc, you can choose the help of a certified psychologist or psychiatrist and make an appointment when it is convenient to you. 

You can easily get connected with an expert who specializes in workplace anxiety and burnout. With a stable internet connection and a device you can attend the session from the comfort of your home. Most corporations choose online sessions instead of in person counseling.

Get in touch to know more about booking your session online.

There are several reasons why you should choose us.

Why choose MindCareDoc?

Professional Help

You get professional help from certified psychologists who have years of experience dealing with the problems you are having now.

Online service

We understand the importance of time for our clients. For working people like you, you might not have enough time to attend direct counseling sessions. So we made our service accessible online. You can book your session for your convenient time.

Different types of therapies

We use different types of therapies including CBT, NLP and hypnotherapy. These treatments are helpful for those who have social phobia at the workplace and if you feel depressed at the office.

Non invasive Ayurveda Psychiatry care

In our treatments Ayurvedic practices are put together with psychology techniques to provide lasting results. Our methods help you overcome all emotional and mental health problems. Yoga and meditation are given high importance here, which increases the overall wellness.

Contact us

Connect with MindCareDoc to know more about our services. You can opt to book an appointment online and attend the sessions from your home or wherever it is convenient to you. Our professionals are always ready to listen to your problems and help you get through them. Contact us immediately.

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Workplace burnout can be seen in different forms. Insomnia, severe headaches, decreased motivation, and always feeling irritated and tired are a few symptoms of workplace burnout.
CBT is an evidence based therapy. It helps you understand your thoughts and feelings and articulate them in a better way.
Experienced therapists can help you specially with workplace stress and burnout.
Imposter syndrome can make you feel like you're a fake despite being a genuine person. Therapy can reduce imposter thoughts.
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