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Foster Warm Relationships through Effective Anger Management

Express your natural anger more calmly through our anger management counseling sessions. Stop the destruction caused by anger as the emotion and its challenges can impact various aspects of your life.

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Anger Management Counseling: Stay mindful through the fierce anger storm

At MindCareDoc, through our service of anger management consultation and therapy, even person’s with high level of anger are able to calm down and take a moment before they react. We provide the top anger management counseling services in Kerala. Through anger management counseling, therapy and Ayurvedic interventions for anger management, our experts provide the best solutions and clarity on how to manage your anger. We also provide online anger management therapy sessions.

Our Treatment for Anger Issues in Kerala

Improve your EQ (Emotional-Quotient) and Anger-Management Skills through our carefully curated solution at MindCareDoc. We offer the best solutions for anger issues. Our solution for Anger Management is a combination of Modern Psychological Intervention and ancient Ayurvedic treatment for anger issues. We bring in various techniques of Psychotherapy such as CBT, NLP, Hypnotherapy and mindfulness techniques such as Yoga, Meditation, Music , Movement and Art Therapy for best results in our clients. Cases that needs medication or an extra support, we use Ayurvedic Medication and Treatment procedures for faster results. As per Ayurveda, the underlying cause of anger is an excess of pitta in mano vaha srotas or the mental channel. When aggravated pitta accumulates in the mental channel, it increases the mental-heat, which leads to a anger-storm. Pitta gets balanced through nourishing food, which stabilizes mental health and prevents emotion from blowing over. A supportive diet favors healthy and wholesome foods with minimized stimulants and refined sugars. A structured and disciplined daily routine helps with anger management.

Children anger issues

Anger Management in Children & Adolescents

Our Ayurvedic approach forms the best recipe for anger management in children. Counseling plays a major part in finding the underlying cause and providing clarity to issues that make young children act the way they do. Our online counseling is convenient to all people alike as lots of people get benefits through these sessions. Contact us at our office in Ernakulam and Alappuzha to learn more about customized and personalized anger management counseling. In children medication is strictly used if only necessary. And as Ayurveda medicines are free of side effects, it is any day better compared to the modern psychiatric medicines for kids. Ayurvedic Calming Therapy can be effective for kids and adults alike in handling anger.

Anger Therapy: Expert Anger Management Counseling in Kerala

At MindCareDoc, we help clients foster healthier relationships, pursue emotional well-being, and happiness through our anger management therapy that is available online as well as directly at our Clinics at Ernakulam, Alappuzha and Trivandrum. We provide the best solutions for anger issues in kids as well as adults. Our Psychologist deliver results by incorporating the following techniques

  • Comprehensive anger assessment and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • skill-building techniques for conflict resolution and aversion
  • exploring underlying causes for anger and addressing root cause through NLP and Hypnotherapy
  • Family involvement and Anger management counseling.
  • Bringing in calm through mindfulness and relaxation practices

Ayurvedic Treatment for Anger Issues

We help clients get faster results through a combination of Psychotherapy and Ayurvedic MindCare techniques. Ayurveda prescribes many methods to calm ones mind. We suggest Ayurvedic panchkarma treatments methods, medicinal remedies and lifestyle corrections at MindCareDoc. We suggest practice pranayama, meditation, and yoga postures along with other remedies to get best results. These form the crux behind our high-quality anger management solution.
Types and levels of Anger Issues Strained work-life balances, irritation and frustration creeping into personal and professional lives, unmanaged emotions, anxiety, lack of clarity, and stressing on unwanted mental triggers form the types of anger issues that need anger management counseling. The anger level depends on the ferocity with which the anger gets expressed, which ranges from raised voice to property damage and physical harm in worst cases. Any level of anger needs to be properly addressed through Anger Management Therapy to help individual overcome the hinderance.

Our approach to Anger-issues Treatment in Kerala

We provide Anger Management Counseling sessions online as well as directly at our clinics and hospitals in kerala. We combine the best methods in Modern Psychology with immense capability of Ayurvedic Science to give non-invasive and fast results to our clients to live a conflict-free, productive and happier life in harmony with family and friends.

Convenience of our Online Sessions

Our clients who work/study/migrated to continents of North America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia choose MindCareDoc’s online therapy sessions. We help our clients gain focus, overcome negative emotions and foster healthier relationships by staying mindful and positive through our therapy sessions. We courier medicines if needed to clients abroad who may need medication.

Why Choose MindCareDoc?

We are one of the best organizations in Kerala that deals with anger management issues in Ernakulam and Alappuzha. Our chief doctor and her team of psychologist and life coaches have the track record of helping 1000s of people to effectively deal with and manage their anger-related issues.With our carefully curated Ayurvedic Treatment at MindCareDoc, our clients trust our services and refer us to friends and family for best care in anger management and all emotional/mental concerns in adults and children. Our anger management counseling sessions say standout among our competitors as we do it in a much organized, customized, personalized, and structured way to deal with your anger.

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