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Effective sleep disorder and insomnia treatment in Kerala

Insomnia is a habitual sleeplessness or inability to sleep, or a very disturbed sleep cycle and this sleep disorder can cover a range of stages of lack of sleep quality to lack of sleep quantity. Holding the reputation as the best insomnia treatment in Kerala, Mindcare Doc various Ayurvedic medications and therapist offer potential benefits for individuals suffering from chronic insomnia and aiding them in regaining a healthy sleep pattern. Our insomnia therapy treatment focuses on behavioral and psychological balancing and integrates evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Hypnotic Counseling, relaxation techniques, and herbal remedies.

insomnia treatment in kerala

Our Insomnia Treatment Services:

At Mindcare Doc, our sleep problems treatment in Kerala addresses the root causes of sleeplessness and headache and follows a holistic approach towards sleep disorder treatments, by first balancing the vata, kapha and pitta doshas. Being the Best treatment for sleep disorders in Kerala, we provide counseling for sleep problems and our panel of certified doctors is extensively trained in diagnosing and treating the disease based on the individual prakruti analysis, medical history, signs & symptoms.

Types/Levels of Insomnia
The two main types of insomnia are acute insomnia and chronic insomnia. Acute insomnia describes sleep difficulties that last for a few days or weeks, but not longer than three months. Chronic insomnia is when a person experiences sleeping difficulties and related daytime symptoms, like sleepiness and attention issues.  We offer NO.1 natural insomnia remedies Kerala and offer treatments under the careful guidance of an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner who understands individual patient needs

Ayurvedic Treatment for treatment of Insomnia & Sleep disorders

As one of the top sleep disorder treatment in kerala. Our Ayurvedic psychiatrists specialize in analyzing sleep disorders and offers remedies that include holistic approaches like Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Nasya, Panchakarma therapy, and herbal medications.By addressing the mind, body, and spirit as a whole, our ayurveda treatment offers a comprehensive approach to treating insomnia and restoring optimal sleep patterns. These treatments and remedy for sleeplessness can provide persuasive case for its effectiveness in managing insomnia and promoting restful sleep.

Mindcaredocs approach to sleep disorder treatment in Kerala

Our ayurvedic psychiatrists are trained professionals who specialize in analyzing cases of sleep problems and prescribing appropriate medications. Our team of clinical psychologists performs assessments using internationally approved scales to determine the best insomnia therapy treatment plan and approach. We have successfully treated hundreds of clients and bid farewell them from insomnia, allowing to experience the deep and rejuvenating sleep they deserve. Our treatment incorporates Pranayama into your Ayurvedic treatment regimen and makes you experience the transformative power of this remarkable practice. We provide fast and long-lasting results for sleep disorders, and our online sessions make it convenient for clients to receive natural insomnia remedies Kerala.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not addressed here, please feel free to reach out to us. We value your inquiry.

Mindcare Doc have earned a reputation as a trusted provider of Ayurvedic treatments for insomnia and sleep disorders. Our dedicated team of experts has been delivering effective services in areas like ayurveda treatments, yoga therapy, ayurvedic psychotherapy and commitment made us a preferred choice for individuals seeking effective solutions for their sleep-related issues.

Insomnia may be a result of various psychological as well as physical factors. This includes poor sleep habits, caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine, medical conditions such as asthma and gastrointestinal problems, stress, and anxiety, and environmental factors such as noise, light, and temperature.

Diagnosis of insomnia is typically done through a thorough understanding of the medical history followed by physical examinations. In some cases, tools such as questionnaires. assessments and sleep diaries are used to assess the sleeping pattern

Results are seen within one or two consultations itself. We recommend psychotherapy along with Ayurvedic medication to get the best and sustained results. Medicines need to be taken for two to three weeks. Some cases need Ayurvedic therapy, Yoga, Meditation, etc. along with medication.

We offer online and in-person consultation services to meet your needs. Timings are from 10 am to 7 pm. However, to accommodate your busy schedule, we strive to make our services and timings as flexible as possible. We offer a wide range of comprehensive services across multiple locations, including Kochi, Kaloor, Alappuzha, Trivandrum, Munnar, and Uae.

Our team of psychologists will work closely with you to understand your concerns and provide initial support. Based on the assessment, you may be referred to our psychiatrist for further intervention. For the best-sustained result, a combination of therapy and ayurvedic medications is recommended.

Ayurveda offers very effective solutions for sleep disorders. A mix of interventions including internal medicines, Ayurveda treatment procedures, yoga, and meditation are combined to provide the best results.

To book an appointment with us, simply reach out by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to +91 77367 88671. Our team will assist you in scheduling an appointment based on your needs and the availability of our experts.

Alternatively, you can also leave us a message on our website www.mindcaredoc.com.


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